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Woman in dress holding a bottle of JOY branded wine up with a glass in the other hand. The dress is bright green and the backdrop is a teal colour.
Dress up for joyous times
Curly afro haired man drinking white wine. The backdrop is a solid yellow and his shirt is white/light blue striped.
Drop it like it's hot, sip it like JOY

Glow up

It's time for wine to

Because wine has moved on. And we’re here for it. You can wave goodbye to the stuffy, overcomplicated, only for special occasions, spend twenty minutes swirling it, and please stop talking about grapes-kinda wine of the past. You know the type.

Instead, say hey to a joyous and shareable new wine-drinking experience. Helping you discover the joy of wine your way and making wine enjoyable for everyone. No judgement here. The only label we care about is on the bottle.

You do you. Welcome to JOY.

People in their twenties holding different bottles of JOY wine. The people are diverse and there's a solid blue backdrop.
Essentials for a house party
A glass of JOY Orange Spritz wine being held in front of broken blue paper.
Can I get an Ohhh Yeaahh without the judgement

Express Yourself #YouDoYou

No judgement, the only label we care about is on the bottle.

Man with afro hair and pink eyeliner in a blue patterned shirt laughing with his eyes closed while holding a glass of red wine.
Woman in bikini holding JOY Orange Spritz against a pink backdrop. The bikini is bright blue with orange spots.
Summer ready baby Orange Spritz

We bring the JOY

Literally the partner of good times, good friends and good wine.

A bottle of Joy Orange Spritz with a blue backdrop and a discoball.
See the ball, spin the ball!
A young woman holding a cherry in her mouth against a teal backdrop.
Hear Joy. Grab a dance partner

We are the #soundofjoy

The perfect partner to soundtrack your Summer (and the dancing in your kitchen).

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Some of our raving reviews

The beeeeest wine ever ever ever, like ever ever.
5/5 Stars
Honestly, there’s a bottle for every occasion. I’m obsessed with them all.
4/5 Stars
I’ve found my new fave wine! So delish and oh so palatable.
4/5 Stars