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Spritz to match your tan?

Orange Spritz

A zesty, bubbly white wine based drink with hints of tangy marmalade

A bottle of JOY Orange Spritz against a blue backdrop. In the foreground is half an orange and a pair of sunglasses.

Orange Spritz

Orange Doesn't Rhyme with JOY

But it should

JOY Orange Spritz.

Think of it as a sassy twist on the classic spritz. It’s like having a sunny vacation in a glass, with the tangy sweetness of oranges keeping things fresh and flirty.

Orange Spritz is pre-made cocktail—so you don’t have to do the work. Perfect for those moments when you want to kick back, relax, and let loose. It’s the wingman for a rooftop BBQ, a beach bonfire, or even a Tuesday night Netflix binge. Because, hey, who says you need a special occasion to enjoy a cheeky glass of Orange Spritz wine?

JOY Orange Spritz.

Sorry, Say that one more time

OMG. This is my drink of the summer.
I’ve not tasted anything like this, and so easy to make.
Serve over ice and go. Get me another glass PRONTO

Orange Spritz

The Serve

Spritz are meant to be simple, add ice and orange and enjoy.

Spritzin’ in the hunshine

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