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Your favourite new red in town

Juicy Red

A brilliant red, with delicious sweetness from juicy cherries, hint of violets and a splash of strawberry notes.

A bottle of JOY Juicy Red against a soft red, almost purple, backdrop. There's a glass poured next to it. In the front-left foreground are some cherries.

Juicy Red

Blame it on the juice, baby

Lizzo said it!

JOY Juicy Red.

Picture yourself sipping on a medley of luscious berries, plump cherries, and a dash of mischief that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear. That’s JOY’s Juicy Red.

It’s the kind of wine that’s so ridiculously delicious, it should come with a warning label. Pour yourself a glass and let it take you on a juicy journey. The flavours will dance on your tongue like a bunch of happy little elves throwing a party. And that velvety smooth texture? It’s like a soft, cosy hug from your favourite ASOS jumper. JOY is here to be your cheeky accomplice.

JOY Juicy Red.

You said what about juicy red?

whether it’s on its own or as a sangria, I love the cherry flavours in this juicy red.
Soft and sweet, not what I expected, but happily surprised.
Sangria counts as your five a day, right? *Chef's kiss*

Saucy Sangria

The Serve

Just add lemonade, orange slices & strawberries.

Sangria and picky bits in the garden anyone?

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